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Sonia Laptop Stand

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  • MaterialSteel, Plastic

[Soniablack Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Sonia Laptop Stand

New value of stands, all you need is one, to make all stands.
Won silver medal from the Invention Competition hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office

Model Name
Product Specifications
198g / 24cm
Package Specification
30 x 11 x 4.5 / 350g
Steel, Plastic
Main body, Pouch,
  • Convenient portability
  • Semi-permanent durability
  • Multipurpose mounting for books, notebook, tablet pc etc without size restriction
  • Natural heat dissipation when product is mounted.
  • The unique design
  • Wide angle adjustability
Product Use & 
How to use
This is a multipurpose stand designed to maintain a correct posture without lowering head or bending waist for the sake of modern people who is suffering from turtle neck syndrome or herniated disc by reading a book for long time or using notebook, tablet pc, smartphone etc.

When moving, you can carry conveniently by folding it, and when using, you can mount books, notebook, tablet pc, smartphone etc by adjusting the stand at your desired size and angle.
Product Patents
  • Utility model
  • Design protection
  • Overseas patent application

Composition and Product Specifications of Sonia Laptop Stand

Because the tripod stand is open in all directions, it will not matter whether the earphone terminal is located in the front or not.

Upon mass, purchase, school, institution, or company logo, CL, BI, etc., can be inserted
Fixing Tail
Using the angle adjustment bolt, the product can be used in various angles.(Minimum angle 10 ˚, maximum angle 60 ˚) The bolt can be loosened to set the angle, after which the bolt can be turned to be tightened securely.
Fixing Foot
Using the securing pod, the laptop computer or the tablet PC can be secured once more.
It will be securely fixed so the product doesn’t wobble. The product can be secured according to its thickness.
Length: 23cm, Weight: 230g

Smart and original features of Sonia Laptop Stand
Sonia Laptop Stand is a “multi-functional stand” that can be used to hold not only laptop computers, but also netbooks, tablet PCs such as iPad or Galaxy Tab.
Also, as an international patent applied product, it is specially gilded to prevent rusting, and has superior durability.

Function as laptop computer stand
When using laptop computers, there is no need to bend the neck or the lower back. It is possible to use the laptop computer long periods of time due to the correct posture. Different size of laptop computers, ranging from netbooks to 19 inch, can be stably set on the stand.

Function as tablet Pc(iPad, Galaxy Tab) stand
Now, there is no need to purchase stands for iPad or Galaxy Tab. Portable Sonia Laptop Stand will let you use your tablet PC anywhere or anytime, no matter which product you are using.,

Special Attraction of Sonia Laptop Stand
Divers angles and spatial efficiency
it can be easily adjusted to diverse angles, for you to find the most comfortable posture

Because it has minimized the spatial limitation, it can easily be used in public areas such as libraries, classrooms, conference rooms. Etc. Also, there is much space on the lower section to efficiently utilize space.

Natural heat radiation function that makes cooler unnecessary
The tripod type stand minimizes the area it touches the laptop computer, so heat is naturally emitted outward.

Stable stand and unrivaled portability
Even when the thickness of the laptop computer or the tablet Pc is different, the fixing foot will make it easy to set the item securely on the stand.


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